We are the team with World Class Realty Group, and we are ready to put together our years of experience, knowledge and working relationships across Greater New Jersey to work for you. Our dedication to service defines us, we are client focused, result driven. Nothing is more important to us than our client’s satisfaction. We are committed to providing prompt, world-class service to our clients while maintaining a professional and caring attitude.

Juan Camilo Victoria
Broker of Record

Juan Camilo Victoria was born in the beautiful country of Colombia and raised by a hardworking and dedicated single mother. Seeking his goals of a higher education he decided to migrate to the United States and moved to the city of Elizabeth, nj. where Cami, as he is called by his closest friends and family members, worked as a waiter on weekends and different jobs while attending afternoon and evening classes at Kean University where he received a double bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish.

After college in 2004 Juan Camilo became a realtor. His career as a realtor exposed him to a community of beautiful passionate souls from different corners of the world eager to always do better themselves. And after seventeen years with the same real estate company and a successful career he decided it was time for something bigger and today, he is a successful business owner as one of the partners at World Class Realty Group eager to do better than before and bringing others along with him.

He is hoping he can give back to the community which has so graciously contributed to his success. He inspires others to achieve their goals and will work hard and persevere for the needs of his clients that are now his friends. Juan Camilo is honest, trustworthy and as always will put the needs of others first before his own.

Phone: 973.452.9686


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Luisa Pauta
Broker of Record

Luisa Pauta has been involved in Real State since 2007 Within this time frame, her passions for the business lead her to seek a higher professional level. As a result, she obtained Certifications on the following areas: Certified Probate RE Specialist, Pricing Strategy Advisor, Property Management Specialist, CRS Certified Buyer Specialist, and SRS Seller Representative Specialist. She has also been awarded with the NH Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Awards for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

Luisa’s strong base of experience, perseverance, honesty, and professionalism makes her the ideal real estate agent, who really inputs an effort to accommodating all the options there are for a client. She is consistently demonstrating the ability of fulfilling the true needs they have whether it is buying a home or selling one. With her wide knowledge of trends and references gives her clients the most precise and up-to-date feedback on today’s market.

Her practice of real estate is known for great customer service with high standards of satisfaction, strong attention, and providing positive guidance to all the parties involved in the transaction. She knows how to communicate and due to this she has been able to help many families throughout the years. She motivates her clients with moving forward to where dreams are reached.

Phone: 908.265.6153


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Kleber Pauta
Realtor Associate

New Jersey is a great place to live and work, which is why Kleber Pauta chose to call it home. With roots in Cuenca, Ecuador, Kleber Pauta came to New Jersey in 1990. Real estate is a passion for Kleber Pauta, with a background in Professional Driving, owner of KP trucking LLC, it is easy to see why more than 50 families called Kleber Pauta for help with buying, selling or investment. For this reason in the real estate industry he has a nickname, “The Most Blessed Agent” because of his passion to find out a house and put a smile on each family’s faces.

Kleber Pauta has been a part of the new family-owned World Class Realty group for a year and is passionate about helping clients take the next step in their homeownership journey. Kleber Pauta volunteers with and loves being a part of other community events.

When Kleber Pauta ​​isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find him and enjoying time with friends and family.

Phone: 908.977.7024


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Nataly Gomez
Realtor Associate

Nataly Gomez was introduced into real estate in 2008 and quickly became Office Manager for a large real estate company where she recruited, trained, & managed over 20 agents, and oversaw all administrative functions. She decided to get licensed after seeing how much she truly enjoyed the hands-on experience of educating home-buyers and sellers and patiently guiding them through the home buying/selling process.

Nataly is also a Certified Probate Specialist, specializing in providing support, guiding, and helping families navigate the estate process after a relative or benefactor passes away.

Her belief is that being relatable and treating all of her clients with respect, patience, and transparency, will always be a priority.

Phone: 908.316.1980


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Sandra Hurtado
Realtor Associate

I am Sandra Hurtado a licensed real estate agent at World Class Realty Group. I have a background in Education which has provided me with valuable skills in real estate negotiations, educating home-buyers and sellers, and effectively marketing the team’s listings. My passion and dedication to serve others achieve their dreams are my biggest strengths. I strive every day to exceed my clients expectations, and believe that buying, selling or investing in Real Estate is a way one can transform his/her entire life, in many ways. 

Outside of real estate, I take pride in giving back to the community through fundraiser events and by teaching at Pathways to College, a school-based program that helps minorities become successful in their higher education goals. I love to dance, cook and spend time with my son Jacob.

Phone: 908.487.3661


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Niurka Henriquez
Realtor Associate

Hi my name is Niurka I am a real state agent in NJ . I am here to guide and help you to obtain your first home or an investment property . One of the reason I decided to obtain my real state license is because like many of you one day I was looking for my dream home . I thought at that moment it was something imposible until I found the right agent , that’s why I am here to guide you thru this process and treat you the way I like to be treated . The impossible is possible when you believe and trust the agent that you will be working with .

Phone: 732.881.8178


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Michael Bueno
Realtor Associate

Michael Bueno is a driven and dedicated real estate professional servicing North and Central New Jersey. As a first generation American and a life long resident of Union County he is dedicated to making the dream of home ownership or any real estate transaction quick and easy.

Phone: 908.230.5351


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Mary Hernandez
Realtor Associate
I am Mary Hernandez a native of the Dominican Republic who came to  The United States over 30 years ago with a baby and a dream. Over the years, I have been able to accomplish many things with homeownership being at the top of the list.
As an immigrant, I’ve experienced first hand the sacrifice and heartache  of leaving everything behind to start a new life away from your loved ones. For me, homeownership, a core component of the American dream, has been the ultimate reward and the reason why as a licensed Real Estate agent, I am so passionate about helping others make the dream of  homeownership become a reality ..

Dream big, Work hard, Make it happen !

Phone: 908.447.4714


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Leonardo Garzon
Realtor Associate
Eimy Santana
Realtor Associate

Phone: 908.377.0214


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Maria L Monge
Realtor Associated

Phone: 908.414.0372


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Celia Raposo
Realtor Associate
Celia obtained her Real Estate license a year ago, and prior to that has worked in the medical field for over 10 years. She has a lot of experience with customer service and customer care, and speaks both Portuguese and Spanish. Her main goal in obtaining her real estate license and starting in this new industry  is to become successful and help others, which is her main passion in life. Celia is ready to help with your home buying and selling needs, and is a proud member of Union County area properties family.

Celia possesses a strong work ethnic, integrity, and outstanding client services, values that she brings to every thing that she does. She strongly believes that it is not only her duty to represent her client to the best of her ability, but also to educate them throughout every step of the process so that they can make the best decision possible.

Phone: 908.477.0577


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Karina Marroquin
Realtor Associate

Karina Marroquin has been an active member of her community for 15 years now and is so excited to be turning that community focus towards real estate.
Born and raised in Newark NJ and very humble beginnings have molded her into the agent she is today.Real estate is a passion for Karina Marroquin , and with her 10 years background as a lending specialist she has the experience and knowledge needed to help you get into the home of your dreams.

Phone: 973.342.3335


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Elisa Mendez
Realtor Associate

I am Elisa Mendez. Being born in Dominican Republic and raised in the United States makes me a bilingual New Jersey licensed realtor. I always had a passion for helping others which is why I minored in legal studies. Today, I follow that passion by embarking in a real estate career. I am here to listen to your needs and help you in every step of your buying, investing or selling process.

If you are looking for a reliable and dedicated realtor who gets results, let me assist you!

Phone: 347.372.8944


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Yasir Rivera
Realtor Associate

Phone: 908.868.3892


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